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Tim Rea

Mr. Tim Rea

Mr. Tim Rea is the founder of Transworld Capital Management Limited. He is listed as a principle and is a shareholder of this company. Mr. Rea started out in the late nineties trading stocks and options using discretion and over time moved to systematic methods of trading. Over the years he has developed a number of systematic methods of trading and he uses some of these to trade futures contracts in the managed program. Prior to setting up Transworld Capital he had been trading for his own accounts as well as utilising some of his trading methods for client use. He launched a systems vendor business in 2007 under the name Auto Trading Systems and that has featured in some websites that deal with systematic trading such as Strategy Exchange, Striker Securities, and with a system in the Top 10 tables in Futures Truth. Mr. Rea also won first place in a World Cup Trading Championship for the E-Mini’s in 2008.

His background may not be a traditional one in the futures industry as he first had a long career in other areas of business including being a shareholder and director of a group of companies since 1987 that did a range of activities such as motor vehicle importing, commercial property investment and farming. That has not held him back in his quest to learn how to trade. As Mr. Rea is from New Zealand and trading is not as common as say the US he had to do most of his research and development on his own however spent several years full time in trading and developing systems following the sale of some significant business interests before moving into trading for others also.

As Mr. Rea is from the other side of the World to the markets he trades in his perspective is perhaps a bit different to many US based traders and his methods often factor in moves that occur around the clock in various time zones.

Devin Brady

Mr. Devin Brady

Mr. Brady was registered as a Branch manager for Transworld Capital Management Limited on May 10, 2010.

From his branch office in Sherman Oaks Mr. Brady operates as the Manager of Sales, and Marketing, oversees expansion of the Transworld Capital client base and continues to work as an Associated Person of Global Futures Exchange and Trading Company Inc.

Mr. Brady’s career in the financial services industry began on the 31st of August 1998 at Sherwood Futures Group and includes positions at Morgan Stanley and Lind-Waldock in Chicago. He is a member of the National Futures Association and has held series 7, 31, and 66 licenses. His experience in the financial industry includes foreign and domestic equities, bonds, commodity and forex trading, managed futures and private equity investments.

Mr. Brady had became aware of Mr. Rea’s trading working with a firm Mr. Rea had traded accounts with for several years and approached Mr. Rea about possibly running a managed CTA program for their clients and this is now also available for clients at other firms.

Mr. Brady while not involved in the methodology behind the trading assists to arrange clients coming into the program, deals with Introducing Brokers as well as communicating with the Clearing firms ensuring the allocation and give up procedures are carried out correctly.